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                                                                     Betty Manousos

"Trying to embark on creative adventures each day."

CUT and DRY is Betty Manousos' personal blog, where she's been sharing for more than five years about life, photography, and food.
In August 2009, Betty created CUT and DRY as a way to document the things she loved.
CUT and DRY is a blog on lifestyle, photography, creative living, and food.

CUT and DRY has been featured on:
The SITS Girls  Massive sway site, Home and Garden Magazine.
The goal of CUT and DRY is to encourage and inspire readers through photography, food, and creative lifestyle.

Betty is a lifestyle blogger and has a passion for photography, traveling, and food styling.

My Relationship With Photography

I've been interested in taken photographs for much of my life, but until one year ago I have never really indulged this interest. It was only late 2015 to 2016 that I decided to get seriously into Photography. What started out as part of a hobby has eventually become more of a passion. I think I've caught the photo bug!
  • In late 2013, I created my Photo Blog, PhotographyPlan, as way to share my thoughts through photos. 
I'm a self-taught photographer. Photography has been the home for my spirit in the past couple of years. I started shooting with a Canon Power Shot A480, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-fs35, then a Nikon D3000 (my first DSLR camera) and have recently been using my Canon EOS Rebel T4i (Canon 650D) a lot.
It's a great camera and I am very happy with it. I've been using my Canon 50mm F1.8 lens almost exclusively since I got it a couple of months ago. I really love my Canon 50 fixed lens. It's very versatile, light and gives a really great (DoF) Depth of Field.

I always try (read: strive) to let my photographs tell a story, as composition is a powerful element within any image.
My photographic view boils down to two main factors: Composition and Perspective - two vital aspects of Creative Photography, in my opinion. It just makes me happy if I managed to tell a story with my images.
I shoot in RAW. Why? RAW files capture the most amount of info - there's no doubt that I can end up with richer, more detailed images as a result.

I've started using Adobe Lightroom for most of my work. I haven't used Photoshop so far, but probably will in the future. Editing is still something I'm always learning new things about.

I don't edit my photos much, not even close. Some tone tweaks, I might adjust the brightness on the computer, lighten or darken a photo, crop, or bumping up the contrast but I do try to keep my edits to a minimum.
When I find myself editing a lot, it's because I didn't manage to take a good photo to begin with. The better the image is the less you have to do. Because I strongly believe that neither can make a bad photograph a good one. Trust me.

I let people use my photographs and simply ask for a link back to my blog's or a credit in return.

Sometimes I look back at my older images and cringe. Back then, I obviously knew nothing about post processing so my attempts to edit my photographs were just playing action after action till I thought it looked great!

Photography has literally changed the way I see things. There is beauty all around us. We just have to learn to see it. My camera has opened up a whole new world for me. Not a day goes by where I don't find beauty in the most unlikely of places.
I love taking photos; capturing a moment, a feeling, the essence of a person, and have it forever - I am passionate about the value of a memory captured.
Photography is my perfect creative outlet because I love to capture the world the way I see it.

Thanks for reading - I'm so happy you stopped by! xx

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